Best answer: How much does it cost for a church wedding in Philippines?

Contrary to popular belief, getting married in a church is not that expensive. Couples can wed in a church with a budget of PHP 6,000 to PHP 15,000. This cost already includes the officiating fee, choir, altar, and the aisle and floral decoration.

How much is the fee for church wedding?

Wedding fees range from P40,000 to P50,000, but the Church also charges wedding planners accreditation fees of up to P50,000 per year.

How much does a wedding cost in the Philippines 2019?

Even if you’re thinking of having a simple and intimate wedding for about 150 guests, prepare to spend around ₱300,000.


Marriage license ₱150
Wedding attire ₱25,000 to ₱50,000
Hair and make-up ₱10,000 to ₱15,000
Other expenses ₱20,000 to ₱50,000
Total ₱113,150 – ₱443,150
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How do I get married in the Philippines Church?

Ultimate Guide to Catholic Church Wedding Requirements in the Philippines

  1. 1 New Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates.
  2. 2 Marriage License Application Form.
  3. 3 Canonical Interview.
  4. 4 Certificate of Attendance to a Pre-Marriage seminar.
  5. 5 Wedding/Marriage Permit.
  6. 6 Church Wedding/Marriage Banns.


How much do you need to get married in Philippines?

You can spend as little or as much on your venue, depending on what you want. Having the wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue can save you time and effort. The cost depends on the number of people attending. On average, expect to spend PHP 50,000 to PHP 300,000 for 100 pax.

Are church weddings cheaper?

Unless you get married in the backyard or at a park, it’s typically cheaper to hold your service at a church rather than another location. Keep this in mind as well, the price may increase or decrease depending on your date and time of day!

Do you have to pay to get married in a church?

– Yes, church weddings cost money. It used to be (many years ago) that you could get married in your local church for free. Nowadays, however, you have to pay.

How much do you pay a judge for a wedding in the Philippines?

A judge can officiate your wedding for less than Php 5,000 while a pastor/minister usually charges Php 8,000 or more for the same service. However, if you want to get married on a weekend, the municipal hall may not be available, in which case you have to bring the judge to the venue at an additional cost.

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Who pays in a Filipino wedding?

Filipino Wedding Traditions and Customs. Traditionally the groom’s family pays for the wedding and the grandparents act as the primary witnesses or sponsors. The bride’s gown is often custom made and both the bride and groom wear white.

Who pays for the bride’s dress?

Traditionally, the bride and her family are responsible for paying for all wedding planning expenses, the bride’s attire, all floral arrangements, transportation on the wedding day, photo and video fees, travel and lodgings for the officiant if he comes from out of town, lodging for the bridesmaids (if you have offered …

What documents do I need to marry in Philippines?

You need to provide the full name, residence, and citizenship of your parents or guardians. If either of you is not a citizen of the Philippines, you have to provide your passport and a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage. An affidavit in lieu of the certificate may also be accepted.

How long does it take to get married in the Philippines?

After getting the marriage license, you need to get married within 120 days. STEP 2: Civil or Church Wedding? While gathering your documents and waiting for your marriage license – you will need to choose between a civil wedding or church wedding.

How much money should you have before getting married?

The rule of thumb is to have roughly the equivalent of your annual salary in savings by then, experts say. If you earn $50,000 a year, for example, you should aim to have $50,000 put away.

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Is it better to get married in the US or Philippines?

It’s better to get married in the Philippines if you plan on staying in the country for good right after getting married. … By contrast, if you get married in the U.S. while on a K1 or the Fiancé /Fiancée Visa, the waiting time will only be 3-6 months. You’ll also get to live with your spouse while waiting for the visa.

How long can I stay in the Philippines if I am married to a Filipina?

The 13A Resident Visa is issued to (a) restricted nationals who are legally married to Filipino citizens; and (b) their unmarried children under 21 years old, to legally live in the Philippines for one year and extend for two years at the Bureau of Immigration.

Can you divorce in the US If you married in the Philippines?

You do not need to annul your marriage in the Philippines in order to get married in the U.S. Instead, you can divorce your spouse in the U.S., which would constitute a valid termination of your first marriage, enabling you to enter into a second marriage. … That’s a lot shorter than the time for an annulment.