How long is the rock church service?

What religion is Rock Church?

Rock Church is an evangelical megachurch located in San Diego, California, with five campuses located in Point Loma, San Marcos, El Cajon, San Ysidro, and City Heights.

Rock Church (San Diego)

Rock Church
Country United States
Denomination Non-denominational
Weekly attendance 15,000 +

How big is the Rock Church San Diego?

Once a nomadic community of worshipers, occupying 33 temporary homes in its first five years, the church now boasts five campuses scattered across San Diego County. The headquarters is in Point Loma’s Liberty Station, where its 224,000-square-foot complex is valued at $35 million.

Who’s the pastor of the Rock Church?

Miles Gregory McPherson (March 30, 1960 in Queens, New York) is the pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, a motivational speaker, and a former NFL football player.

How much is miles McPherson worth?

Miles McPherson net worth or net income is estimated to be between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars. He has made such amount of wealth from his primary career as Religious Leader.

Where does The Rock Dwayne Johnson live?

And when he’s not in California, Johnson and his family are often spending time in the semi-rural town of Powder Springs, Georgia, about an hour by car northwest of Atlanta, where he owns a 45-acre equestrian estate.

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How old is pastor Miles McPherson?

61 years (March 30, 1960)

What ethnicity is miles McPherson?

Miles McPherson grew up in a mixed-race family: two grandfathers who were black, one grandmother who was half-Chinese and half-black, and one grandmother who was white. On Long Island, he lived in a predominantly black neighborhood but went to grade school in a predominantly white one.

Who is Miles McPherson wife?

Debbie McPhersonm. 1984