Quick Answer: How do you talk to religious parents?

How do you deal with religious parents?

How Do You Cope With Extremely Religious Parents?

  1. Surround yourself with healthy and safe friends and/or family members who accept who you are and your belief system.
  2. Create a mantra for yourself that you can say when you’re feeling upset about your familial circumstances.

How do you tell your parents you changed religion?

Just be sure to keep them in a place where your parents won’t find them until you’re ready.

Ask your parents what they know about your chosen religion.

  1. Listen carefully to what they say.
  2. Clear up any confusion they may have.
  3. Keep up this back and forth of asking, listening, and responding.

How do you tell your parents you converted to Christianity?

Just tell them what you have decided, why and what you get out of it. They may well respect your decision, but will likely push back a little with some probing questions. I would guess they will ask about the social circumstances leading to your conversion not just your theological reasons.

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Is it OK to disagree with your parents?

Disagreeing with your parents is just fine. Do it in a way that doesn’t make them see you as a perpetual child. … When you spend a good decade or so having the kinds of disagreements that make you want to scream, it’s easy to develop a dismissive attitude toward your child’s opinions.

Can your parents force you to be religious?

Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, a child has the right to choose a religion (or no religion.) … Of course, children who are at least 18-years-old or are legally emancipated from their parents are free to decide their own religious beliefs without court intervention.

How do I tell my mom I don’t believe in God?

Do it calmly and coherently. Explain the reasons why you decided to stop believing, and make it clear that it is not an act of rebelliousness. Tell them you still respect their beliefs and do not want this to change the relationship you have with them.”.

How do you tell someone you aren’t religious?

The technical terms are secular, agnostic, apatheist, and/or atheist (depending on your actual position). You can also say that you’re a humanist or that you have faith in humanity. These are all ways to communicate that you don’t follow a specific religion but respect them.

How do I tell my parents I don’t want to go to church?

In a private moment, with nothing going on, say: “I’d like to talk to you. I don’t want to go to church anymore because ___.” Before having this conversation, ask yourself: Why don’t you want to go to church anymore? If it’s because church makes you feel a certain way – why does church make you feel that way?

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How do you tell my parents I’m converting to Islam?

First and foremost, let them feel the change that Islam made in you. This can be reflected in your good manners and kind words with them. Do not give them the chance that you became a different person. Be their old daughter with a Muslim flavor in terms of being punctual, respectful, obedient and easy-going.

Do I have to follow my parents religion?

The Bible explicitly says that parents are expected to bring their children up in faith. … You get raised in faith, you obey your parents and you don’t do anything that brings them dishonour. However, lifelong faith and obedience is not possible for everyone.

Does atheist mean?

: a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods : one who subscribes to or advocates atheism.

How do you tell your parents you don’t want to be Catholic?

Tell mom you have started your own faith journey. Emphasize you respect her faith and the Catholic Church. Also explain it to a priest who is not a hard-ass. What you have at the end of such a journey is far more valuable than being an Easter-and-Christmas Catholic.