What does the name Sophia mean in the Bible?

Meaning: Wisdom of God. Biblical: Sophia appears in the Septuagint (Greek translation of the Bible), replacing “Chochma,” the Hebrew word for wisdom.

Is the name Sophia in the Bible?

The expression Ἁγία Σοφία itself is not found in the New Testament, even though passages in the Pauline epistles equate Christ with the “wisdom of God” (θεοῦ σοφία). The clearest form of the identification of Divine Wisdom with Christ comes in 1 Corinthians 1:17–2:13.

What does the name Sophia mean spiritually?

Spiritual Meaning of the name Sofia:

According to the Greek culture, Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom. She is considered to be the mother of all the creation. She is the symbol of love, wisdom, and devotion.

What does the name Sophia mean?

Origin: Sophia is a Greek name meaning “wisdom.”

Is Sophia a religious name?

Though it originated in Greece after the time of Plato, it spread with Christianity. The name means “wisdom,” from the Greek sophos, wise. … In Christian theology Sophia is connected to the concept of Divine Wisdom, and there are numerous saints named Sophia in the Catholic Church.

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Who is Sophia in Christianity?

Sophia appears in many passages of the Bible as the female personification of wisdom, though her roles and popularity in Judeo-Christian traditions have changed throughout time. She is also celebrated in Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism, as the female expression of God.

Is Sophia the wife of God?

In Gnosticism, Sophia is a feminine figure, analogous to the human soul but also simultaneously one of the feminine aspects of God. Gnostics held that she was the syzygy (female twin divine Aeon) of Jesus (i.e. the Bride of Christ), and Holy Spirit of the Trinity.

What color is the name Sophia?

Name Sophia generally means Wisdom, is of English, Greek, Indian, Italian origin, Name Sophia is a Feminine (or Girl) name.

Meaning: Wisdom
Origin: English, Greek, Indian, Italian
Religion: Christian
In Local: Σοφια;
Auspicious Color: Blue, Violet, Black

Who is Divine Sophia?

Sophia is the Greek goddess of mythology archetype of spiritual wisdom in women’s spirituality circles, in which she is viewed as the Divine Feminine. … Sophia was a major figure in the beliefs of first century Gnostic Christians, who were denounced as heretics and persecuted in the fourth century.

What does Sophia mean in Hebrew?

Sophia is the Greek translation of the Hebrew term Hokhmah, both of which mean “wisdom.” Sophia is the feminine personification of wisdom. …

Is Sophia an attractive name?

Article bookmarked. Sofia, or Sophia, has conquered parental preferences to become the most popular name in many countries around the world. According to naming experts, Sofia has become the favourite girl’s name of nine countries – including Mexico, Italy and Russia.

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What is a nickname for Sophia?


  • Origin: Greek. Meaning: “wisdom”
  • Best Nicknames: Saffi, Sofi, Soph, Soficita.
  • Variations and Sound Alikes: Sofia, Sofie, Sofka, Sofy, Sofya, Sophey, Sophie, Sophy.
  • Sophia TV and Movie Quotes: “I wasn’t hitting on Sophia.” Vanilla Sky (2001) …
  • Famous people named Sophia or its variations.

What does Sophia mean in other languages?

Sophia is mainly used in the English, German, Greek, Italian, and Russian languages, and its language of origin is Old Greek. It is derived literally from the word ‘sophia’ which means wisdom. … The name Sophia is used to a great extent; it has 35 variant forms that are used in English and other languages.

What is the male version of Sophia?

Latin cognomen Sophus, from Ancient Greek meaning “wisdom”; a masculine equivalent of Sophia.

Is Sophia a unisex name?

Sophia, also spelled Sofia, is a feminine given name, from Greek Σοφία, Sophía, “Wisdom”.

Sophia (given name)

Gender feminine
Word/name Greek
Derivation from Greek Σοφία, Sophía
Meaning Wisdom

Which is better Sofia or Sophia?

Sofia is simply a spelling variation of the more popular Sophia. The name Sophia comes from the Greek word “sophos” which means wisdom. … Either that, or to add some cultural flair since Sofia is the more common spelling in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, Scandinavia, Greece, Germany and Italy.