What does the phrase take them to church mean?

The phrase “Take ’em to church” means to play an instrument, sing a song, etc. in a fashion similar to or reminiscent of the way it is done in many african american churches (especially those of Protestant lineage i.e. Baptist, Pentecostal, Holiness).

What does it mean to be taken to church?

It’s one person asking another to give them a lesson or please them in some way. Any other use is probably just an attempt by young people trying to make the hit songs lyrics mean something.

What does the slang Church mean?

Church is a slang term used to communicate agreement with a statement or suggestion. It is similar to saying “perfect” or “cool” but is only used in the context of agreement. The term is a variation of “chuuch”, which was made popular by rapper Snoop Dogg as another way to say “amen” or “preach” to emphasize agreement.

What was in the box in take me to church?

What’s in the box in the music video of Hozier’s song “Take me to Church”? My interpretation of the video was that the box represented the man’s homosexuality, which he kept secret (i.e. meeting his boyfriend in a secluded place). … The mob could represent that portion of the country which do not accept homosexuality.

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Is take me to church a bad song?

Hozier and Annie Lennox sing Take Me To Church at the Grammys. It’s an anti-religious song.

When was take me to church released?


What genre is take me to church?

Take Me to Church/Жанры

What does Chuuuuch mean?

Chuuch is just an old school way of saying “Amen” “CHUUCH”. The word came from Chicago’s Own – MINISTER SEAMORE – But it is mainly used in place of “So It Is”.

What does it mean when a pimp says church?

Definition: (noun) I totally agree. What you’ve said is so true! Example: Sandra: Thong bathing suits were invented by the devil.

What does church mean in the Bible?

In our modern English Bibles, the word “church” is supposedly translated from the Greek word “ekklesia” which simply means: people assembled. … Secondly, in Christian use, the word means “the Lord’s Assembly” or, all those who have been called out by God and joined together (assembled) in His family; the body of Christ.

Is take me to church a Lgbtq song?

LONDON (Reuters) – Grammy-nominated Irish singer-songwriter Hozier says people assume he is gay because of his anti-Roman Catholic church anthem “Take Me To Church” and the anti-homophobia video which accompanies it. In the United States the song, written following a break-up with a girlfriend, has reached No.

How does take me to church relate to Macbeth?

Take Me To Church by Hozier represents the fact that Macbeth gives no cares or has no sympathies about killing women or children, this plants in the fact and proves it when Macbeth commands his hired assasins to go and kill Macduffs’ wife and child because of Macduff fleeing to England.

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Who are the people in the take me to church music video?

Top cast

  • Brendan Canty.
  • Hozier.
  • Emmet O’Brien.

Who wrote take me to church?