What is the biblical definition of infirmities?

b : the condition of being feeble : frailty. 2 : disease, malady. 3 : a personal failing : foible one of the besetting infirmities of living creatures is egotism— A. J. Toynbee.

What is the difference between sickness and infirmity?

The difference between Infirmity and Sickness

When used as nouns, infirmity means feebleness, frailty or ailment, especially due to old age, whereas sickness means the quality or state of being sick or diseased.

What’s another word for infirmity?

What is another word for infirmity?

debility frailty
disorder imperfection
instability malady
shakiness sickliness
unsteadiness ailing

Where does the word infirmity come from?

late 14c., infirmite, “disease, sickness; lack of capability, weakness,” from Old French infirmité, enfermete “illness, sickness, disease; moral weakness,” and directly from Latin infirmitatem (nominative infirmitas) “want of strength, weakness, feebleness,” also “the weaker sex” [Lewis], noun of quality from infirmus …

What are our infirmities?

a physical weakness or ailment: the infirmities of age. quality or state of being infirm; lack of strength. a moral weakness or failing.

What does physical infirmity mean?

Physical infirmity means a person who is a quadriplegic or paraplegic.

Is infirmity a disease?

A weakness or disability, especially due to old age, is called an infirmity. The noun infirmity, when used alone, is generally understood to mean physical frailty. … The latter is a place where the sick and infirm go to recover: “Because of her infirmity, she often ended up being seen by doctors at the infirmary.”

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What’s the opposite of infirmity?

What is the opposite of infirmity?

strength hardihood
ruggedness fortitude
durability fitness
verdure haleness
healthfulness salubriousness

Which of the following words is the best synonym for portentous?

The words fateful and ominous are common synonyms of portentous.

What’s another word for disease?

What is another word for disease?

disorder illness
sickness affliction
ailment malady
infection infirmity
plague upset

What are examples of infirmity?

The definition of infirmity is a weakness or failing. An example of infirmity is when you become unable to hear as you age. The condition of being infirm, often as associated with old age; weakness or frailty. The infirmity brought on by the disease.

What dies infirm mean?

1. Weak in body or mind, especially from old age or disease. See Synonyms at weak. 2. Not strong or stable; shaky: an infirm foundation.

How do you use infirmity in a sentence?

Infirmity in a Sentence

  1. He felt sorry for his uncle, feeling the alcoholism was a serious infirmity. …
  2. The elderly are much more likely to fall victim to a serious infirmity. …
  3. His infirmity kept him in bed all day, making him wish he had listened to his doctor.