What is the shadow priest covenant?

What is the best covenant for priest?

Best Covenants for Holy Priest

Best Raid Covenants
Covenants Rating Best Soulbind
Necrolord Great Emeni
Night Fae Great Niya
Venthyr Good Draven

What is a priest covenant?

This is the Venthyr Covenant Ability for Priests available to all three specializations. This is obtained by choosing Venthyr as your covenant in Shadowlands. Mindgames is a low cooldown ability that deals upfront damage to an enemy and has the next amount of damage done by that enemy done as healing to allies instead.

What legendary is best for shadow priest?

Best Overall Legendary for Shadow Priest

Talbadar’s Stratagem is the best play.

What is best Covenant for shadow priest?

Best Covenants for Shadow Priests

Covenant Rating Best Soulbind
Kyrian Good Pelagos
Necrolord Good Emeni
Night Fae Great Niya

Is Venthyr good for holy priest?

Best Venthyr Holy Priest Soulbind Low and High Renown

You also have to weigh Shattered Perceptions’s value fight by fight in a raid as some bosses will cause environmental damage that does not get reversed by Mindgames lowering the value of running the conduit.

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Is kyrian good for holy priest?

Kyrian Priest Signature Ability: Summon Steward

It’s an excellent tool in dungeons where you are bouncing in between combat (resetting its cooldown) and frequently face certain debuffs that you cannot dispel as a Priest like Curses, Bleeds and Poisons.

Is Night Fae good for holy priest?

Night Fae Holy Priest Covenant Rotation Changes

With the conduit Fae Fermata, you can spread around the various buffs in different ways. It can be costly but preemptively shielding to spread damage reduction can have solid impact in heavy burst mechanics, and spreading cooldown reduction can be helpful for DPS.

Is holy priest good in Shadowlands?

Holy Priest is a fantastic reactive healer, especially suited for healing large groups and raids. … Holy Word: Salvation gives Holy Priest a second raid cooldown, which can be invaluable to your healing team.

What happens when you switch covenants?

You will lose access to all of your previous Covenant perks immediately upon switching This includes abilities, Sanctum progress, transmogs, and Soulbinds, as well as any Renown associated with that Covenant.

How many Legendaries can you have in Shadowlands?

Legendary powers significantly modify an aspect of your character’s gameplay, but you must choose wisely as you can only equip one legendary at a time and each legendary requires a new and rare currency, Soul Ash to craft and upgrade.

What is the best legendary for priest?

Best Discipline Priest Legendaries

  • Clarity of Mind.
  • Twins of the Sun Priestess.
  • The Penitent One.


What is the best legendary for holy priest?

Best Holy Priest Legendaries

  • Flash Concentration.
  • Harmonious Apparatus.
  • X’anshi, Return of Archbishop Benedictus.
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How do you switch covenants?

Changing Covenants – Returning to a Previous Covenant

  1. Step 1: Ambassador Chat. The first step is to talk to the Ambassador of the Covenant you wish to rejoin. …
  2. Step 2: Prove Your Worth Quest. …
  3. Step 3: Wait for the Next Weekly Reset. …
  4. Step 4: Rebuild Our Trust Quest.


Which Soulbind is best for shadow priest?

Best Venthyr Shadow Priest 40 Renown Soulbinds

Nadjia is our best soulbind for Mythic+, and a close second for Raiding.