Who founded Deeper Life Bible Church?

When was Deeper Life Bible Church established?

1973, Лагос, Нигерия

What are the doctrine of Deeper Life Church?

Deeper Life believes in the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. For this church, these three, although perfectly united in one, are different persons.

Where is WF Kumuyi from?

Осун, Нигерия

How many countries is deeper life located?

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Does Deeper Life celebrate Christmas?

Kumuyi, the head of Deeper Life Bible Church announced to his members and the world that his church does not celebrate the popular holiday. Explaining why at the 2013 December retreat, he said: “We don’t celebrate Christmas nor sing Christmas carol; because Christmas is of idolatrous background.”

Is Deeper Life in USA?

Deeper Life Bible Church is an internet company based out of 7058 N Clark St, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

How did deeper life start?

In 1973, while serving as a mathematics lecturer at the University of Lagos, W.F. Kumuyi started a Bible study group with 15 university students who had come to him requesting training in the Scriptures. The church started as the Deeper Christian Life Ministry.

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When did Pastor kumuyi get married?

Уильям Кумуи/Даты свадьбы

Who is the spiritual father of WF Kumuyi?

He currently oversees over fifty church locations in the United States, about thirty-five of which were planted under his leadership within a period of fifteen years. Like his spiritual father and mentor, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi, Pastor Dada is a Speaker, Teacher, Preacher and an Evangelist.

How old is pastor kumuyi now?

79 years (June 6, 1941)

How old is kumuyi deeper life?

Pastor Kumuyi was born on 6 June 1941 in Osun State, Nigeria. He is 77 years old as of 2018.

Is deeper life all over the world?

Now, the church has over one million members in more than sixty countries around the world. Reportedly, the church has an attendance of 120,000 every Sunday, more than 500 churches in Lagos, and over 5,000 in the rest of Nigeria. According to foreign policy, this church is the “world largest megachurch”.