Who wanted a nation which tolerated all religion?

Who wanted a nation tolerated all religions?

Ans. Liberals were those who wanted a nation which tolerated all religions. They also opposed the uncontrolled power of dynastic rulers. 3.

Who wanted a nation tolerated all regions?

The liberals wanted a nation which tolerated all religions. (ii) At that time the European states usually discriminated in favour of one religion or another. (iii) Liberals also opposed the uncontrolled power of dynastic rulers. They wanted to safeguard the rights of, the individuals against governments.

Who tolerated all religions?

Answer: Liberals: They believed in a system which accepted all religions and not concentrates on a single religion.

Who wanted Russian society which tolerated all religion?

Liberals: It was a group of a Russian society which wanted to change Russia & wanted a nation which tolerated all religions all religions.

What social factors contributed to the Russian Revolution 9?

The social factors contributed in Russian revolution are :

  • War with Japan led to less food in Russia.
  • Workers have more working hrs .
  • Workers treated with less wages .
  • Less grocery led to hunger strikes.
  • Wife of king is daughter of Russia’s enemy country.
  • Riots for bread.
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Who were socialists Class 9?

Answer: Socialists were those people who were against private property and saw it as the root of all social ills of the time. Question 25.

What were the effects of February revolution in Russia Class 9?

The major impact of the February Revolution was the downfall of the Russian Monarchy and the establishment of the Petrograd Soviet. Vladimir Lenin, the Bolshevik leader, played a major role during the October revolution. His Bolshevik Party overthrew the Provisional Government and gained power.

What is Russian Revolution Class 9?

What was the Russian Revolution? Answer: The fall of monarchy in February 1917, and the events of October are normally called the Russian Revolution.

Is any religion right?

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching practice and observance.

Which is the right religion in the world?

Hinduism only true religion in world, those who want to return to its fold are welcome: Mohan Bhagwat.

Which religion is the most tolerant?

Most Tolerant Religion…

“The most tolerant religion is considered to be Buddhism. A monistic and open-minded religion. However, since it is a Dharmic faith, nations practising Abrahamic religions have had a long history of non-tolerance and discrimination toward it (Anti-Hinduism).

Who were socialist Russian revolution?

The party was established in 1902 out of the Northern Union of Socialist Revolutionaries (founded in 1896), bringing together many local socialist revolutionary groups established in the 1890s, notably the Workers’ Party of Political Liberation of Russia created by Catherine Breshkovsky and Grigory Gershuni in 1899.

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