Who wrote Losing My Religion?

Who originally sang Losing My Religion?

“Losing My Religion” is a song by the American alternative rock band R.E.M. The song was released as the first single from the group’s 1991 album Out of Time.

Losing My Religion.

“Losing My Religion”
Songwriter(s) Bill Berry Peter Buck Mike Mills Michael Stipe
Producer(s) Scott Litt R.E.M.
R.E.M. singles chronology

Is Losing My Religion a cover?

He added: “Plus, Peter Buck wrote the song on mandolin, and being in the south, it’s a lot of fun to perform live. We’re releasing it as a cover with Amazon Music as I think it’s still as thrilling to people today as it was when it was first released.”

How many copies did Losing My Religion sell?

30 years on, Out Of Time is seen as one of the US band’s all-time classics. It spawned the monster hits Losing My Religion and Shiny Happy People and – more importantly – sold over 18 million copies around the world.

What does REM rock band mean?

R.E.M., named for a dream-state condition (rapid eye movement), formed in 1980 in Athens, Georgia, a university town about 65 miles (105 km) northeast of Atlanta that was already internationally noted for its local pop scene by the time R.E.M.

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Why did REM break up?

By the time REM split, their guitarist Peter Buck has said, he had come to hate everything about the music business. … Buck said the decision to end the band came during the making of the 2011 album Collapse Into Now, when Michael Stipe told his Buck and bassist Mike Mills: “I need to be away from this for a long time.”

How much is Michael Stipe worth?

Michael Stipe Net Worth: Michael Stipe is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and film producer who has a net worth of $75 million.

How many Grammys did Losing My Religion win?

“Losing My Religion” would go on to win six MTV Video Music Awards, including Best Video and Best Direction as well as the Grammy for Best Short Form Video.

What religion mean?

Religion is belief in a god or gods and the activities that are connected with this belief, such as praying or worshipping in a building such as a church or temple. … A religion is a particular system of belief in a god or gods and the activities that are connected with this system.

What genre is Losing My Religion REM?


Is Michael Stipe married?


What album is REM Losing My Religion on?

Out of Time

Where is out of time recorded?

Out of Time (album)

Out of Time
Recorded September–October 1990
Studio Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, New York, United States; John Keane Studios, Athens, Georgia, United States (recording); Soundscape Studios, Atlanta, Georgia, United States (strings); Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, Minnesota, United States (mixing)
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Who died from REM?

On March 24, 2020, session and touring drummer Bill Rieflin, who contributed on the band’s last three records, died of cancer after years of battling the disease.

Is REM still alive?

Did Rem die? Rem is in a coma but not dead. She has been erased from everyone’s existence except Subaru. Unfortunately, his save-point is after Rem’s death, so he can’t go back in time to save her.

Are REM still friends?

At the time of its breakup in 2011, R.E.M. claimed that the split was amicable, and that no lingering personal or legal animosity led to the three long-time collaborators going their separate ways. And in 2017, the band members proved that they all still like each other very much.