Should Protestant be capitalized?

Today’s post is not about religion itself, but about words having to do with “religion.” What to capitalize. Names of religions, denominations, communions, and sects are capitalized, as are their adherents and adjectives derived from them.

Is Catholic and Protestant capitalized?

Generally, yes. If you are referring to the Catholic Church, then “Catholic” and “Church” should be capitalized since they refer to a proper noun. If you are referring to someone who practices Catholicism, then you should capitalize Catholic as well.

Is the word Protestant capitalized?

noun [capitalized] A member or an adherent of one of those Christian bodies which are descended from the Reformation of the sixteenth century: in general language, opposed to Roman Catholic and Greek.

Should you capitalize religions?

Capitalize the names of religions, religious followers, holidays, and religious writings. The names of gods and goddesses are capitalized. The Judeo-Christian god is named God, since they believe He is the only one.

Is Protestant a noun or adjective?

adjective. belonging or pertaining to Protestants or their religion.

What does Protestant mean literally?

b : a member of any of several church denominations denying the universal authority of the Pope and affirming the Reformation principles of justification by faith alone, the priesthood of all believers, and the primacy of the Bible as the only source of revealed truth broadly : a Christian not of a Catholic or Eastern …

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Why isn’t heaven capitalized?

A good rule is to capitalise Heaven and Hell when they are used as proper nouns (i.e. as names of specific places). … Jesus is said to have ascended to Heaven. Here, Heaven is a proper noun and is therefore capitalised. But this is not always the case.

Is Protestantism a word?

noun. the religion of Protestants. the Protestant churches collectively. adherence to Protestant principles.

Who founded Protestantism?

Martin Luther was a German monk, theologian, university professor, priest, father of Protestantism, and church reformer whose ideas started the Protestant Reformation.

Is Protestant an adjective?

The adjective protestant describes a person or thing that is protesting or displaying disapproval or objection. You might see protestant young students marching in front of the capital in reaction to the government’s newly passed bill.