What was Dr Martin Luther King’s favorite food?

Martin Luther King’s favorite food was Pecan Pie. (Obviously, he had excellent taste).

What was Martin Luther King Jr’s favorite food?

Dr. King was from the South and his favorite foods prove he was a true southern comfort food lover. According to historical accounts, King’s favorite food was pecan pie. He also enjoyed other southern staples like fried chicken, sweet potatoes, and collard greens.

What was Martin Luther King’s favorite breakfast food?

Fact: Martin Luther King’s favorite foods were pecan pie and fried chicken. Fact: King skipped the ninth and eleventh grades and never graduated from high school. He enrolled in Morehouse College in 1944 when he was just 15. He completed his doctorate at Boston University when he was 25.

What was MLK favorite cake?

“Sing it loud as you can.” If you’d like to bake in celebration, try Melissa Clark’s recipe for an almond birthday cake with sherry-lemon buttercream (above), though history records Dr. King’s preferred dessert as pecan pie.

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What was Martin Luther King’s drink of choice?

According to Seattle Times, orange juice and vodka was MLK’s preferred mixed drink.

What was Martin Luther King Jr’s favorite color?

Malamud wrote “Black Is My Favorite Color” in 1963, the year that Martin Luther King Jr.

What was MLK favorite song?

It was Martin Luther King Jr.’s favorite song: a hymn called “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.” It was Mahalia Jackson’s performance of this song that captured the heart of Dr.

What is Martin Luther King’s birthday?

January 15, 1929

How do you celebrate Martin Luther King?

  1. Go deeper into MLK’s speeches.
  2. Organize (or participate in) a Giving March.
  3. Attend a local MLK parade with kids.
  4. Take in an MLK documentary or film.
  5. Martin Luther King Day: Books galore and for all ages.
  6. Visit your local library — many are hosting special MLK events.
  7. Plant a tree as a symbol of growth.
  8. We’re in a tense time.


What were Martin Luther King’s dreams?

His speech became famous for its recurring phrase “I have a dream.” He imagined a future in which “the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners” could “sit down together at the table of brotherhood,” a future in which his four children are judged not “by the color of their skin but by the content of …

What was Martin Luther King Jr favorite hobby?

Perhaps the three hobbies that he enjoyed were writing, walking, and making speeches.

What was Martin Luther King’s real name?

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Did MLK have drinking problem?

While Martin Luther King was having coffee in public, this was not his drink of choice in his private time.

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Did Martin Luther King Jr drink beer?

And though he later became famous as a Baptist minister, in college he drank beer and played pool — considered by many at the time to be a vice.